Welcome to the website from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of the PUC-Rio! Here you find details about the undergraduate course in Civil Engineering and about the offered graduation programs. You can also discover more about the academic and technical staff of the department, as well about the current lines of research. Our undergraduate course in Civil Engineering was founded in 1948 and, since then it has been responsible for the formation of great engineers and leaders. In 2015, the Civil Engineering Graduate Program from PUC-Rio completed 50 years, with more than 1000 theses and dissertations having been produced in the period.

We are dedicated to offering high quality teaching so that our students acquire fundamental and specific knowledge and develop the necessary skills and attitudes for the entry and success in the professional practice of Civil Engineering. Our students have contact with the latest practices and researches in Civil Engineering, such as advanced computational tools, access to scientific papers from international journals and modern and well-equipped facilities. With this, they are adequately prepared to face the contemporary demands of the profession and technological challenges of the future.

We are proud of our recent accomplishments and believe in a prosperous future, with even more developments. We hope you share our vision and enthusiasm! Feel free to browse our website and get in touch if you need any additional information.

Best regards.

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