Code Course Credits
ENG1000 Introduction to Engineering 2
FIS10330 Newtonian Mechanics 4
FIS10340 Newtonian Mechanics Laboratory 2
MAT1161 Single Variable Calculus 6
MAT1200 Linear Algebra I 4
QUI1709 General Chemistry Laboratory 2
QUI1720 General Chemistry 4
Code Course Créditos
CRE1100 The Human and the Religious Phenomenon 4
ENG1003 Technical Drawing I 2
FIL0300 Philosophy Electives 4
FIS1041 Fluids and Thermodynamics 4
FIS1042 Fluids and Thermodynamics Laboratory 2
INF1005 Programming I 4
MAT1162 Calculus of Several Variables I 4
Code Course Credits
CRE0700 Electives of Christianity 4
ENG1004 Technical Drawing II 2
ENG1011 Transport Phenomena I 2
ENG1200 General Mechanics 4
ENG1201 Geology 2
ENG1202 Geology Laboratory 2
FIS1051 Electromagnetism 4
FIS1052 Electromagnetism Laboratory 2
MAT1154 Differential Equations and Equations of Differences 4
Code Course Créditos
CRE1141 Christian Ethics 2
ENG1012 Transport Phenomena II 2
ENG1015 Materials Science and Technology 2
ENG1203 Structural Analysis I 4
ENG1205 Strength of Materials I 4
ENG1208 Surveying and Engineering Measurements 4
INF1007 Programming II 4
MAT1163 Calculus of Several Variables II 4
Code Course Credits
ENG1018 General Electrotechnology 2
ENG1019 General Electrotechnology Laboratory 1
ENG1021 Management for Engineers 2
ENG1204 Structural Analysis II 4
ENG1207 Hydraulics 4
ENG1209 Fundamentals of Geotechnics 4
ENG1210 Laboratory of Geotechnics 1
ENG1213 Building Materials I 5
Code Course Credits
ENG1023 Introduction to Economics for Engineers 4
ENG1029 Probability and Statistics 4
ENG1211 Soil Mechanics 4
ENG1212 Soil Mechanics Laboratory 1
ENG1215 Wood Structures 2
ENG1216 Hydrology I 4
ENG1218 Reinforced Concrete Structures I 4
ENG1229 Architecture and Urbanism 2
Código Course Credits
ENG1025 Introduction to Environmental Engineering 2
ENG1206 Strength of Materials II 4
ENG1219 Reinforced Concrete Structures II 4
ENG1220 Steel Structures I 4
ENG1222 Roads 4
ENG1223 Building Construction I 4
Code Course Credits
ENG1151 Supervised Internship in Civil Engineering 1
ENG1224 Building Construction II 4
ENG1225 Building Installations 3
ENG1226 Planning and Control of Construction Works 3
ENG1227 Applied Geotechnics 4
ENG1228 Foundation Engineering 4
ENG1507 Transport and Logistics 3
JUR1016 Social Legislation 2
Code Course Credits
CRE1171 Professional Ethics 2
ENG1131 Undergraduate Project in Civil Engineering 4
ENG1230 Sanitation 4
ENG1231 Civil Engineering Project Methodology 4
Código Course Credits
ACP0900 Complementary Activities 10
ELL0900 Free-choice Electives 12
ELU0900 Electives – Outside the Deparment 08