The Graduate Program of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of PUC-Rio receives fellowship quotas from various public agencies for the promotion of teaching and research: CAPES, through the PROEX program, awarded to academic excellence programs; CNPq; FAPERJ; ANP. In addition to these, PUC-Rio offers fellowships for academic achievement (fellowship awards) and grants for students of masters and doctorates, indicated by the Graduate Program Coordination. Due to these contributions, given the conditions established by the promotion agencies for granting fellowships, most master’s and doctoral students do not pay school fees to study in the PUC-Rio Graduate Program.

General Conditions for the Granting Agencies



Type of Grant Value
Capes / PROEX R$ 2.200,00
CNPq R$2.200,000 + R$ 394,00 (additional support for research related expenses)
Faperj Grade 10 Fellowship R$ 3.050,00
Program PEC / PG (foreign candidates) R$ 2.200,00
 Capes PDEE (doctorate-sandwich abroad) US$ 1.300,00
 PUC-Rio/VRAC Exemption from school fees
CAPES FEES Exemption from school fees



Type of Grant Value
CNPq and Capes / PROEX R$ 1.500,00
Faperj Grade 10 Fellowship R$ 2.200,00
TecGraf / PUC-Rio variable
Program PEC / PG (foreign candidates) R$ 1.500,00
PUC-Rio/VRAC Exemption from school fees



Duration of the concession – up to 24 (twenty four) months for the Master’s and 48 (forty-eight months) for the Doctorate.

Scholarships Capes / PROEX can receive an additional monthly fee corresponding to the thesis-aid according to the calendar.

The Graduate program currently has 2 scholarships Faperj Grade 10 Fellowship for the Master’s and two scholarships Faperj Grade 10 Fellowship for the Ph.D. The selection of these grant recipients is made annually (March) by the Graduate Committee, based on the academic performance of the students in the course courses (Cumulative CR), considering the instructions of the Faperj notice  e and looking equitably at students from both Program areas (Structures and Geotechnics). Faperj fellowship holders cannot be substituted during the term of the fellowship.

The continuity of the fellowsing award depends on the good performance of the student in the course, evaluated semiannually by the Graduate Commission of the Department.