The Civil Engineering course was created in 1948. Since then, it has undergone major changes due to the advances observed in the last decades, fomented mainly by the increasing use of computers, the development of new materials and technologies, the adoption of new analysis methods, the concern about environmental issues and the growing presence of civil engineers in planning, administration and management.

The Civil Engineering Department of PUC-Rio is not unaware of these issues and, in recent years, an effort has been made to update the undergraduate curriculum in Civil Engineering and the employed teaching methodologies. This update is followed by the development of an infrastructure suited to the new professional reality, seeking to give the student an increasingly solid and comprehensive training and prepare him to work in its various segments: design, administration and management, construction, planning, research and development of new technologies, methods and processes.

The PUC-Rio Civil Engineering program has tradition and quality recognized in academic circles and by the main engineering companies in the country. According to the latest research in the field of ​​university education, PUC-Rio’s Civil Engineering program is among the best in Brazil. In the last evaluations carried out by the Secretariat of Higher Education of MEC on the conditions of all Civil Engineering courses in the country, the Civil Engineering course of PUC-Rio obtained the highest score in the three categories: Infrastructure, Pedagogical Program and Faculty.

The quality of training is enhanced by the availability of modern laboratories in Structures, Geotechnics, Computing, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, T Surveying and Engineering Measurements, Building Materials, Soil Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics, and Environmental Engineering. In addition, technical visits and excursions are carried out for field work in various courses.